2019 Blues Music Award Winner: Instrumentalist – Guitar

Virtual Tip Jar:

These are uncharted times, and like a lot of musicians, I’ve had to establish a virtual tip jar at Venmo and PayPal. Every bit helps!

Venmo: monstermikewelch
PayPal: monstermikewelch@yahoo.com


“Live and In Lockdown” is now available on Bandcamp for the low price of $7!

New video series on YouTube!

I put out a call for requests for things people might want to hear me play during the Social Distance Wars of 2020, and I’ve gotten great responses already. Subscribe to monstermikewelch on YouTube!

February 2020 Update:

Hey, all – last year was a tough one, and as we came to the end of it, I realized that I needed to pull back for a while and take care of my mental health, because where I was was unsustainable. With that in mind, I started the new year by trying a new medical treatment for my clinical depression, which seems to have made a promising difference. I couldn’t move forward and make other plans until I took steps to get better.

However, even though I’m healthier, I’m still unsure of where I stand with returning to regularly playing/touring/recording/etc. apart from the shows already booked. I have been taking the occasional gig with close friends and loved ones, but I’m not out of the woods, and I’m still not making any plans. Right now I’m thrilled to be doing the Big Blues Bender in September and the small handful of other gigs, but that might be it, or it might not. I have no way of knowing right now. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.



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