Tracklog 03 – Out Of Bad Luck (2007)

Out Of Bad Luck (click to listen, right-click and “Save As” to download)

This is me. I am not Magic Sam, however much I'd like to be.

Once again, “Tracklog” = “Free Music.”  Demos, outtakes, etc.  Enjoy.

This is an outtake from 2007’s Just Like It Is.  I like it about as much as anything that made it on the record, but we recorded too many songs, and I think we felt that a direct cover of a Magic Sam song was not really a high priority to release when compared to a bunch of originals.  I do love Magic Sam, and the Alex Club side of Magic Sam Live completely rewired my brain when I was just a little kid.  It’s a funny thing about the Boston area, too; I’d be willing to guess that more Boston area guitarists would count Sam as a primary influence than in almost any city except Chicago.  I would chalk a lot of that up to two things: Sam’s great disciple Luther “Guitar Jr.” Johnson has been living in New England for decades now, and Ronnie Earl is another Sam follower that has had a huge influence on the local scene.

This track was recorded by the same lineup as the rest of Just Like It Is:

MIKE WELCH – Guitar/Vocal

…and it was produced by Matt Malikowski and myself, recorded and mixed by Matt.  I love the way the bass, drums, and piano careen off of each other through the whole song.  Brad and Mark are currently playing with Duke Robillard, and if you haven’t heard Duke’s new Low Down and Tore Up, you’re missing something really special.  Anthony is of course playing alongside me in Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, and he’s probably my favorite pianist to work with.  If you’re interested about this sort of thing, I’m playing my blue Strat through a Fender Pro Reverb.

(Song credit: Maghett/Benson, Nam Jean Publishing/Conrad Music, BMI, admin by Bug)

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