Tracklog 04 – Blues For Hubert (2011)

For Hubert (click to listen, right click and “Save As” to download)

The recent passing of the great Hubert Sumlin hit me hard.  I didn’t know Hubert very well; I played two or three songs with him once and met him three or four other times over the years, but I knew him just well enough to understand what a gentle, amazing man he was.  Even before I dreamed of meeting him, he was a hero of mine, and his influence on my playing and musical worldview cannot be overstated.  There’s nothing to say about this song, really, other than that I had to play something for the man.  My heart still hurts, you know?  I hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Tracklog 04 – Blues For Hubert (2011)

  1. I got to see Hubert live once and it still is one of the best musical moments of my life. There was a middle aged man with his daughters there. He proceeded to explain that the man playing influenced bands like the rolling stones and Eric Clapton. So many people don’t realize how much impact Hubert, Howlin and all the great blues men had on popular music. Great tribute!

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