Upcoming Shows


February 10 – w/The Knickerbocker All Stars, Rhythm and Roots Cajun Fest, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI

February 17 – w/Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, Chan’s, Woonsocket, RI

February 18 – w/Parker Wheeler’s Blues Party, the Grog, Newburyport, MA

February 24 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, New England Winter Blues Festival, Blue Ocean Music Hall, Salisbury, MA

MARCH 2018

March 3 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, Suncoast Blues Festival, Sarasota, FL

March 13 – w/Kit Holliday and Ed Scheer’s Tuesday All Stars, Corrib, Brighton, MA

March 22 – w/Liviu Pop and Mike Law, Black Eyed Sally’s, Hartford, CT

APRIL 2018

April 5 – w/Willie J. Laws Band, Next Page Cafe, Weymouth, MA

April 12 – w/Kit Holliday, Menotomy Grill, Arlington, MA

April 15 – Blues Jam w/the Michelle Rockwell Band, Players Pub, Rockland, MA

April 20 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Nidaros Blues Fest, Trondheim, Norway

April 21- MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Blues Nacht, Petershagen, Germany

April 22 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Keeping the Blues Alive, Vlierden, Netherlands

April 24 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Nuit Du Blues, Dijon, France

April 25 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Poco Loco/Arvern Blues, Clermont-Ferrand, FR

April 27 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Bon Encontre, France

April 28 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Le VIP, Saint Nazaire, France

April 29 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Novomax, Quimper, France

April 30 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Le Zapi’ng, Grande-Synthe, France

MAY 2018

May 4 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Moulin Blues Ospel, Netherlands

May 5 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, XXL Blues Club, Wageningen, Netherlands

May 6 – MONSTER MIKE WELCH/MIKE LEDBETTER, Blues Nights, Zingem, Belgium

May 18 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, New England Blues Summit, Sturbridge, MA


July 14 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, North Atlantic Blues Festival, Rockland, ME



August 2-5 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, Notodden Blues Festival, Notodden, Norway

August 10 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, Bayfront Blues Festival, Duluth, MN

August 25 – WELCH/LEDBETTER CONNECTION, Crossroads Blues Festival, Rockford, IL


February 3-10 – WELCH LEDBETTER CONNECTION, Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #32, Eastern Caribbean


20 thoughts on “Upcoming Shows

  1. Mike,

    Seth McNally with M.E. productions here. I’m putting together a classic chicago blues night in Rockport at the Shalin Liu…with Montgomery and Fly…interested in having you on as a third to round out a kick ass trio… will you have already left for Europe? Would you consider playing this gig? Would need to know very soon if you are interested. look forward to working with you.

    1. Sorry about the wait, Seth! I’m not getting notifications on my WordPress comments, as far as I can tell, so I didn’t even see this until now. If there is still something in the works, let me know.

  2. Mike, This is Tony from Johnny D’s jam sessions. I’m in the UK now. I haven’t seen any UK dates on your European tour calendar, that’s too bad. Hope to see u here sometime soon.

  3. Hello Mike,

    this is Ferry from Vienna/Austria.
    I had the pleasure to see your show last Friday at the “Reigen” in Vienna. I’d like to give you a big hand also on this way. (I was the guy, whom you kindly signed the CD in the break … long hair, asking what’s the secret behind your awesome playing – … practice ! you said 🙂 )
    Man, I ‘m in love with the Blues and specially I’m a fan of the guitarists art in that music category. (I could have listend to your soloing all night !!)
    But the “Heros” grew older and older (Hey, B.B.King is about 85 – and god bless him to give him 100more … !) and I thought youth in our days don’t have the patience to practice one thing so much, to get so perfect. And playing the blues! They are only interested in Playstations and Hip-Hop. But thats not true – you disproved it !
    So, for me, it’s great to see such a talented young man like you, who absorbed so many kind of famous styles, (Steve Ray, B.B., Chuck Berry …) and not only to pay hommage on it, but to build his own style on that “basics”.
    I’m playing guitar just for a few years – but life’s too short, to get that good enough 😉
    So keep up that great work and make guys like me happy, when we have the chance to meet and listen to such a “monster-advocate of the blues” !!

    Hope to meet you in Vienna again soon

  4. When are you coming to Bloomington, Indianapolis, Mishawaka Indiana in 2011 or 2012?

  5. Hey Mike, don’t forget to put Southern Spain on your next Europe tour. 2012 we hope ! Last time I saw you was at the Moulin Blues Festival 1996 ! – Good Luck, Darren, English fan in Spain

  6. saw you play many years ago at the house of blues in boston it was a wow experince when you walkend out into the middle of the street playing your guitar. do you ever play in the nh area ??

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